Get business advice and solve business problems

Get business advice and solve business problems

Every day, thousands of businesses receive help and business advice from a wealth of skilled business consultants. A business consultant can advise you on issues such as strategy and organizational development or the future and changes in the market.

Our advice is concrete and pragmatically based on your reality, and for two decades, it has delivered great results for the small and large businesses we have helped over the years. We come with a toolbox full of knowledge and experience that will be translated into change and progress in your business.

Our business consultants are able to see all the way around your business, just as they look into the very heart of your core business. This means that you may not always get exactly what you ask for from us. In return, you get exactly what you need.

Challenging worldviews

A process with us starts softly, with us being polite, listening and understanding. The going gets tougher at the point in the process where we challenge you and your methods with critical questions and looks. We may seem harsh and disrespectful, but we assure you that we act with a loving heart and with your best interests at heart. It is important that we push you and your worldview a little bit if we are to solve your challenges.

A business consultant can help with many types of tasks – from the theoretical to the concrete. At KGN, we help with, among other things:

To focus on desired behaviors in the company. This means that together we identify where the business needs to go – and how to get there afterwards. We look at the behaviors that stand in the way of getting there and those that get us there.

To spread the power of leadership in companies. This can be done through restructuring, coaching, team development, management training and the like.

To analyze, create and implement future strategies and business models.

These may seem like tasks you could easily solve internally or with a new hire, but as business consultants, we have clear advantages that go beyond the obligations, costs and personnel law of employment. Among other things, we can offer

New perspectives on your business that you may not necessarily see as internal.

That you will be notified directly. We are outspoken, and we are in no way constrained by hierarchy and ambition within the organization. On the contrary, it is a badge of honor for us to contradict power when it needs to be contradicted – properly, of course.

Many years of experience with the new processes you are about to go through.

Best practice knowledge and ideas from many different sectors.

It is up to you to set the course

As business consultants, it is not our job to manage or change your business. Our job is to focus on your challenges and issues. Pushing your behavior. To equip you to make the changes you need to achieve your goals. Creating the strategy of the future in cooperation.

We’re with you for a limited period of time, and we won’t be there any longer than absolutely necessary – although we’ll have a good time. That’s why we put a lot of energy into preparing you for the time after us, so that you’ll be so strong that you won’t need us anymore. Although, of course, we will always answer your call – whether the issues are old or new.

A course with us, as business consultants, is neither a waste of time nor useless. When we have been in your company, you have actually moved significantly when we leave. However, it’s not our doing – it’s yours.

A complete overhaul with KGN

Our consultancy has been around since 1996, but our experience goes back even further – and has a broader scope. We run a consultancy business with a focus on concrete results through thoroughness, creativity, in-depth knowledge of both companies and industries – and not least experience from our many years in the market.

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